Student Life

Community Service

GICA encourages students to do community service through helping orphans, hospital visits, cleaning the school compound, cleaning the community area, and other works within the school year. It is a tool that is intended both to strengthen students’ sense of civic engagement and helping heart, and to help them achieve their educational, developmental and social goals. Through the community service, the students will be able to learn and act upon important life skills through deliberating, planning, implementing, and reflecting on their community service, thereby sustaining high-quality service learning. This is intended to make community service an effective learning tool.

Christian Service

The purpose of Christian Service is to train and equip the spiritual leaders. We encourage the students to participate to teach and help Children’s Sunday School for various jobs. Students lead worship songs, motions, memory verse, missionary story, helping children for craft, and to be ushers.

Senior/Junior to Freshmen Connection

Seniors/Juniors will disciple freshmen and sophomores during Bible study times organized bimonthly by the administration. Discipleship groups are an effective way to reach the underclassmen and build strong relationships between the students.

“Encounter” (Orientation Week)

This is a unique programme of our school. Encounter is an experience for each high school student during their first Orientation Week. The ambition of these times includes community building within our school, growing spiritually in our own God-encounters, and preparing for the challenges that await us during the school year. The students spend five days at Encounter to help draw them to being firmly rooted and grounded in their faith. These days have proven to be some of the most significant in helping new students acclimate to Providence, while serving as a vibrant point of renewal and strengthening for our returning students as well. Guest speakers and staff accompany us at each Encounter programme.