Spiritual Life

We believe that our students’ spiritual growth is an integral part of the academic, physical, and emotional growth they experience at GICA. We do not instruct the students just to be the leaders. We do ministry with the students, to have them experience it while we teach them. We move toward an experience and relational approach to curriculum.

Discipleship Small Groups

As a part of GICA’s vision to partner with Christian homes to make a family-friendly school in developing young men and women who are growing in their walk with Christ, JHS & SHS students have the opportunity to be involved in on-campus discipleship programs.


Grade 7 – 9: Group A

Group B

Grade 10 – 13 : Boys Group

Girls Group

Groups will meet once a week. Sometimes guest speakers lead the groups through discussions on Scripture and life stories. The focus of the groups is to promote unity, honesty, dynamic spiritual growth, and fun.

Basic Life Principles by Gothard

All GICA JHS and SHS students are required to take the Basic Life Principles Seminar. The Basic Life Principles Seminar is a seminar in resolving basic youth conflicts, but it is also focused on gaining seven universal principles of life.

Every problem in life can be traced to seven non-optional principles found in the Bible. Every person, regardless of culture, background, religion, education, or social status, must either follow these principles or experience the consequences of violating them.

By learning principles rather than rules, individuals are equipped to make wise choices and avoid failure. The Basic Seminar is designed to help you understand the cause-and-effect sequences of life.

What Are Basic Life Principles?

  • Design

Understanding the specific purposes for which God created each person, object, and relationship in my life and living in harmony with them. Thanking God for my design brings Self-Acceptance.

  • Authority

Honoring the responsibilities of parents, church leaders, government, and other authorities and learning how God works through them to provide direction and protection. Honoring my authorities brings Inward Peace.

  • Responsibility

Realizing I am accountable to God for every thought, word, action, and motive. Asking forgiveness of those I offend brings a Clear Conscience.

  • Suffering

Allowing the hurts from offenders to reveal “blind spots” in my own life, and then seeing how I can benefit their lives. Fully forgiving offenders brings Genuine Joy.

  • Ownership

Understanding that everything I have has been entrusted to me by God, and wisely using it for His purposes. Yielding my rights to God brings True Security.

  • Freedom

Enjoying the desire and power to do what is right, rather than claiming the privilege to do what I want. Regaining ground surrendered to sin brings Moral Purity.

  •  Success

Discovering God’s purpose for my life by engrafting Scripture in my heart and mind, and using it to think God’s thoughts and make wise decisions. Meditating on Scripture brings Life Purpose.

Character Education

The school equips students to mature as Christians by guiding to obtain godly characters through Character Education. We train them to gain 36 different godly characters:

Attentiveness, Availability, Boldness, Cautiousness, Compassion, Creativity, Deference, Dependability, Determination, Diligence, Discernment, Discretion, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratefulness, Hospitality, Initiative, Loyalty, Obedience, Orderliness, Patience, Persuasiveness, Punctuality, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Self-Control, Sensitivity, Sincerity, Thoroughness, Thriftiness, Tolerance, Truthfulness, Virtue, & Wisdom