Students & Parents Handbook

We welcome you to another awesome year at GICA!

We are excited for this new school year and see what God has in store for us. In order for this upcoming school year to be a success a collaboration needs to occur between the school and home. We as an institution have devised our school curriculum to accomplish our mission of “prepare children for life as Christian leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service before self, and participation as a way of life.” Since its inception in 2008, GIU International Christian Academy has developed to become one of the best Christ-centered schools in the nation. While we delight in the victories of the past, we believe that the best days for our school are ahead as we further His kingdom!

We consider it a privilege that you have given us the opportunity to partner with you in the development of your child’s education. In an endeavor to bolster the bond between home and school, we have prepared this Parent-Student Handbook to respond to the many questions and furnish helpful resources for each of our GICA families. This handbook is a “work in progress” so, we need your help. Feel free to let us know what else we need to help you and your children. Specifically, the policies and procedures found in this handbook were created to support the Nursery to SHS program for the students, strengthen communication, help us to become more competent as an institution, boost aspirations towards becoming a more safe/secure environment and, most importantly, to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe it will help us have an outstanding year, if we all understand and adhere to these policies. In closing, let me ask you to do two things. First, take time to read through the handbook thoroughly and keep it close by as a reference. Second, join me in praying that God will give us a wonderful school year!