Senior High School

The school is accredited as a Cambridge Associate School under the British Council and accredited by GES. Our SHS runs with two different systems: WASSCE and Cambridge system (Cambridge Secondary II which is IGCSE & Advanced Level)

However, the students who completed Cambridge Secondary II (IGCSE) for two years, the students will be able to choose one of following :

  1. WASSCE (1 more year)
  2. “A” Level for two more years.
  3. American system with some AP subjects for two more years.

Teachers are using several high technical teaching methods to impact the students to gain the knowledge effectively. We help the students to prepare for the universities in Ghana as well as all over the world. Even though the students choose British or American system, the students are able to admit to all Ghanaian universities and the universities all over the world. Senior High School is a boarding and boarding is compulsory.

High admission rate to universities

  1. Emory University in US
  2. University of Ghana
  3. Sungkyunkwan University in Korea
  4. Sarativ State University in Russia
  5. Daystar University in Kenya,
  6. Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology in Kenya

Exceptional Outcomes and Results

The students achieved a great results through IGCSE examinations. One had 5 “A stars” and the other one had 3 “A stars.” The SAT score also the student received very high in score this year.

Also AP exam scores were also highly achieved this year.

Qualified Teachers

Our staffs are highly committed with enthusiasm to teach and equip the students to be ready for higher education. They are experienced teachers for teaching our system subjects with qualifications.

Ultra Modern ICT labs & Well Resourced Library

ICT labs are well equipped with 35 Intel Core i7 CPU/ 1 TB HDD / 250GB SSD computers and iMac 27 computers.

High Technological Science Labs

There are very well equipped high technological labs: Physics, Biology, & Chemistry labs for IGCSE preparations and WASSCE practicals.

Excellent Boarding Facilities

The students are enjoying very clean and serene environment.

Excellent Facilities

We are well equipped for education and extracurricular activities. We have Ultra Modern ICT labs & well resourced Library, music room, art room, auditorium & high class classrooms.

Leadership Training

The students are trained to be godly men and women with Bible Training. The school provides small group activities. Through the small group leading and organising, the student learn how to lead the meetings and discussions. They are developed how to become leaders of the society. We also train them how to become responsible person so that they become responsible mother or father of the family in the future. Most of the students have own responsibilities at school as prefects or small group leaders.  They learn and are trained to be leaders of the small cell areas.