Nursery & Kindergarten

There are different classes in this department.  

   Nursery I (18 months to 2 years)

   Nursery II (2 – 3 years)

   Kindergarten I (3-4 years)

   Kindergarten II (4-5 years)

Our kindergarten and Nursery is fully equipped as a genuine Montessori school and well taught by Montessori trained teachers. We use the curriculum in Christian perspective.

Children learn the Bible daily as one of main subjects. Character Education and Discipline also relate the word of God.

Children are taught by activities with using apparatuses for all subjects by free selection of their choice. Through learning process, we observed that our children are able to do up to multiplication and division for Math. Children also can do journal writing and reading the King James Version Bible when they reach 5 years old.

We use Mixed Age Grouping which is following Montessori educational method. Dr. Maria Montessori emphasized the need for mixed age groups spanning at least three years.

The fact is that through the preservation of the originally required 3 year-year mixed age group, children benefit the most. For older children to become guides to the younger ones, and learning and teaching to be constantly present at this level.