We use a combined curriculum with British and American Systems.
Individual subject teachers handle various subjects.


  • Bible: We teach the Bible as a subject and the students are trained to be godly in their behaviours and manners.
  • English: We use American and British curriculum books.
  • Math: We use American and British curriculum books.
  • Social Studies:
    • (Citizen Education: Grade 1-4)
    • (Old World History: Grade 5)
    • (New World Geography & History: Grade 6)
  • Science: We teach science from a Biblical perspective with Creation Science. All the students are accessible to Science Labs (Biology / Chemistry / Physics) for research and experiments.
  • French: we use British and Ghanaian curriculum books.
  • ICT: We have two different ICT Labs: Lab I is for class learning and practices, Lab II is for research purposes. Each child is allowed to use their own computer for learning and practices.
  • Art: From Grade 1, Students have Art classes in a well equipped Art Room.
  • Music: Students from Grade 1 learn Music theory and practice musical instruments in the Music Room. Especially, from Grade 4, all the students have lessons for Piano using individual Keyboard.
  • PE: PE teacher utilizes the children in sports and train students through PE. PE teacher helps the students to gain Physical Health, Academic Performance. Social Assimilation, and Mental Health through physical education.